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If you called us 'ex-lit', you are not the only one. We at Excel IT, are focused on building relationships with our clients and consultants.

Our knowledge, patience and zeal to deliver, helps us achieve success. We understand, analyse, ideate and execute. This is where we really begin to visualize your business needs and ideas. We then work together to deliver pre-screened, expert consultants and our employees to complete your team.

Now that you know us a little, engage us for that missing link and deliver the undelivered.


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Enterprise Security Solution


We understand the importance of securing the security configuration. That is why we built - BOLT
Bolt is an Enterprise security manager tool, designed to create, config and mange ISAM security junctions.
Create, Validate and Deploy tested configurations, with a few clicks. Promote your tested configurations to higher environments. Dashboard provides view of Junction landscape to everyone, including management and developers.


Config Manager

Create Junctions

Fully automate creation of ISAM Security Junctions.


View Config

View Junction

Easy access to view the junction configuration.



Junction status

Anyone can validate real time view of Junction status.


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